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Poker players who are running a Linux operating system have two major options to play online poker. Linux poker players can choose one of two Java poker rooms, Poker Room or Pacific Poker. Java poker rooms run instantly on Linux and can be played right in your web browser. The only requirement to play poker using one of these free Linux poker rooms is that Java must be installed. Linux poker players have also had success installing Wine and using Poker Stars. Wine is free software that allows you to run a Windows based program in Linux OS. Unfortunately, out of all the poker rooms on the Internet PokerStars appears to be the only one compatible with Wine. Poker for Linux is becoming more and more popular.

Fun Linux Sites...

Daniweb - The best tech help forum around (especially for Mac users)

Slashdot - An excellent technology news site (including lots of Linux talk)

Digg - Similar to Slashdot
Digg - Excellent linux resource, very helpful

Poker Resources...

Online Poker Info - General online poker information
Online Poker Guide

Absolute - Info on Linux compatible poker site Absolute

Party - Great guide to Party Linux poker site

Pacific - Great review of Linux poker site 888 Pacific Poker

Poker - Information about Linux Poker

Casino Deposit Methods - USA funding options for Linux casino players
Casino Deposit Methods

Linux Poker

Linux Online Poker

Welcome to Linux Online Poker. As a poker player as well as an open source fanatic I have had a lot of trouble combining my love of Linux with my hobby of playing online Texas Holdem poker! I have found it extremely difficult to find a reliable, safe, and most importantly fun online poker room that is Linux compatible. After researching a couple dozen of the major Internet poker rooms I have found five excellent Linux poker sites. Hopefully down the road, as more and more poker rooms recognize Linux users as a valuable customer demographic, there will be other Linux compatible rooms I can add to this site.

Have fun - and may the flop be with you!
Linux Online Poker

Linux Online Poker Rooms
Linux Poker
    Linux Poker Rooms Accepting Americans
Free poker for Linux users

#1 [WINE]

- Largest Poker Room on the Internet
- Huge Deposit Bonus (100%)
- Excellent VIP program!
- Great Freerolls (Free Tournaments with Real Money Prizes)

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Download software
3. Install & run software (use WINE)
4. Sign up (takes 1-2 minutes)
5. Start playing...

What is WINE?
WINE is a piece of software that allows people to run Windows programs on Linux. WINE has been around a long time now (open source) and there are even some companies (such as Codeweavers) that sell a finely tuned version of WINE.

Is there really 100k+ people playing at PokerStars at any given time?
There certainly is - on most nights around 10pm EST there are more than 100,000 players online. Poker Stars is a massive poker room (the largest in the World now that PartyPoker has stopped allowing USA citizens to play at their poker room). Poker is so big that every Sunday they have a huge no limit tournament with a $1,000,000 guarenteed prize pool!

What's a Poker Stars marketing code?
If a player uses a PokerStars marketing code while registering a new account they will receive the maximum deposit bonus (and future re-deposit bonuses) available. The best PokerStars marketing code is:
Poker for Linux

#2 [JAVA]

- Great Deposit Bonus (100%)
- Nice Graphics!
- Top Notch Customer Service

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Click the "No-Download - NEW Feature!" link (left side)
3. Now click the "Check out Instant Play" button
4. In the pop-up window that opens, go to "New User"
5. Sign up (takes 2-3 minutes)
6. Start playing...

Does Mark Seif actually play at AbsolutePoker?
Seif is one of my favorite high stakes poker players and he plays regularly at Absolute Poker!

What is the "Absolute Dream Package?"
The Absolute Dream Package is the newest promotion at Absolute! Absolute Poker is running a number of qualifying tournaments for this package, and eventually one lucky player will win the package - which includes a seat in the 10 largest poker tournaments in the World (including the World Series of Poker and 5 WPT tournaments). The combined prize pool of the tournaments this poker player will be entered in (all for free of course) will exceed 100 million dollars, which is absolutely insane! Satellites are running right now!

What's an AbsolutePoker referral code?
Players that use an Absolute Poker referral code while registering at receive the best VIP bonuses available. The AbsolutePoker referral code is: BLUE
    Linux Poker Rooms That Do Not Accept Americans
Linux Poker

# [JAVA]

- Exclusive Linux User Tournaments
- Voted Best Linux Poker Site 2006
- Excellent Promotions

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Click the green "Quick Play - No Download" button (left side)
3. Register (takes 1-2 minutes)
4. Start playing...
$100 Instant Bonus - Is That Correct?
Yes, you read it right! PacificPoker gives players a 25% Bonus instantly (there are only 2 other poker rooms on the Internet that reward a bonus instantly, the rest require you to play a certain number of hands before you receive your bonus.) Technically, you could deposit at Pacific Poker and then cash out your original deposit amount and simply play with the bonus.

Exclusive Linux Poker Tournaments?
Pacific has a large number of Linux users playing poker at their poker room, so they often get together to play tournaments together. It is amazing how fun it is to play with other Linux users, they are honestly some of the most vibrant personalities you'll ever meet (and when you get them all at the table together it really shows).

#2 [JAVA]

- Filled with Wild Action and Relatively Unskilled Players!
- Great Deposit Bonus

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Sign up (takes 1-2 minutes)
3. Click "Play Poker Now"
4. Start playing...

Can I play for free at PokerRoom?
Yes, you certainly can! Using fake money you can play in fun cash games & even poker tournaments against real people around the World. It's exactly like real money poker except the poker chips aren't worth any money (so it's just for fun). It's actually a lot of fun - the play money tables are often very competitive and people even auction off large sums of their play money on eBay.

What is the PokerRoom Promotion Code?
The Poker promotion code seen on the registration form is where players can optionally enter a bonus code. If you use the promotion code BONUSBUX you get an exclusive 40% deposit bonus (double what players normally get). Clicking on the banner or links to the left also tags you with the same bonus as well.
Linux Party Poker

# [JAVA]

- Instant Bonus
- 2nd Largest Poker Site in the World

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Click "Instant Play" button
3. Click "New User" and Register
4. Start playing...

What is "Party Poker Anywhere"?
Party Poker Anywhere is simply the crafty name has given to the no download instant play java version of their software. It is a fitting name because you can literally now play at Party from anywhere - a Linux or Mac computer, your web-enabled mobile, your iPhone, etc. Some people use Party Poker anywhere to secretly play poker at work (although we wouldn't recommend this :P).

What is the " Million VI"
From May 3rd to 10th, 2008, will host an eight day cruise from Venice, Italy all around Greece, Turkey & Croatia via the beautiful Mediterranean. On board will be the $8200 buy-in no limit Million Texas Holdem tournament players can only qualify on at Party & Party! Linux poker players can win their seat in this tourney for as little as $3.

Linux Online Casinos
    Linux Casinos Accepting Americans - #1 Mac Casino for USA residents...

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Click the green "Insant Play" button
3. Register by clicking "New Account"
4. Begin playing...

    Linux Casinos That Do Not Accept Americans
Casino for Linux - Voted Best Linux Casino 2003, 2004 & 2006...

INSTRUCTIONS (how to get started):
1. Go to
2. Sign Up (takes 1-2 minutes)
3. Start playing...

Thanks for viewing my website devoted to playing poker on Linux! We are one of the largest resources on Linux poker sites & Linux casino rooms. This Linux poker guide has now been around for 3 years, it's hard to believe! I remember when I first started this site to help other Linux users find poker for Linux, now this site receives more than 500 hits per month! There is definetly a growing demand for Linux poker rooms and there is definetly more attention being focused on our demographic by large online poker rooms has the Internet gambling market becomes more and more competitive. My friend was telling me the other day that there will soon be an open source linux compatible poker room called Open Poker 1.0 available. The software, originally created by wagerlabs, should be released in early 2008 - I'm very excited to give it a try. I was also told that Full Tilt Poker will soon be released a Linux compatible version of their software.

Thanks for visiting our Linux online poker site! Linux online poker rooms offer Linux online poker players Linux compatible poker games. We do not believe any Linux Texas Holdem player should have to use third party software in order to play online poker. is definetly the best Linux poker room - PokerRoom was created by two Linux players back in 1999 and it's definetly the most popular poker site for Linux players. On top of that, Poker Room has become the third largest poker site in the world. normally offers players a 20% bonus up their first deposit up to $100. Through however, Linux poker players receive an exclusive 40% bonus up to $200.

The linux online poker market is growing by leaps and bounds, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. More and more online poker rooms are making plans to become compatible with linux users. Hollywood Poker is Linux compliant - however their software isn't quite as solid as PokerRoom & PacificPoker. Euro Poker has a good look and feel to it, but is still new. This site lists the best linux friendly online poker room. Lots of Linux users want to play Linux casino games but simply do not know where to play. With the Linux Online Casino (888) you can play Linux slots, Linux blackjack, Linux Black Jack, Linux video poker and other Linux casino games.

As most Linux users already know, it has always been extremely tricky to find top notch sites to play using a Linux computer. While hardly any sites offer downloadable software for Linux, several poker rooms offer stable and reliable software that doesn't require a download. "No download" online poker rooms that are Linux compatible offer great graphics and superb game play! There are currently rumours circulating around the online poker community that PartyPoker, the 2nd largest online poker room, will soon release a fully Linux compatible client for download later this year. This would revolutionize the Linux poker industry and is very exciting news indeed!

There are three main methods Linux poker players use to play online poker. The first (and generally easiest) is to find an online poker site that offers an "instant play" or "no download" version of their poker software. This java applet will run the poker software via your web browser (both IE & Firefox compatible) and is 100% linux compatible. The second method to play poker on Linux is to use free software called Wine which runs Windows programs on Linux. Using WINE, simply download the Install.exe file to the /tmp directory and start the command to run it: wine /tmp/pokerstarsinstall.exe <-- default instal directory is ~/.wine. Now reboot Wine by typing wineboot and you're ready to play poker on your Linux computer. The last method is to dual boot Windows on your Linux computer. If you absolutely hate Windows this option obviously doesn't work for you, but if you can tolerate knowing Windows is installed on your computer (if it you only use it for poker) it's a great way to play at all your favorite poker sites.

We are commited to Linux online poker players who want to play Linux Internet poker. We provide the best no download linux poker software. The sites listed on this page are the best places to play online poker for Linux where people can receive generous Linux poker bonuses!

Didn't find what you want? Try one of these resources...
Google :: Yahoo :: MSN :: DMOZ
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Online wagering is illegal in some jurisdictions, please check all local laws before entering any of the casinos and poker rooms listed on this site.

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Linux users face the same challenge trying to find a reputable online casino as they do trying to find a Linux poker room. Linux casino players take up a fairly small percentage of the online casino market so Linux casinos are few and far between. Any flash casino will be Linux compatible. Sometimes a "lite download" version of an online casino (often Java based) will also be Linux compatible. 888 Casino (Casino-On-Net) has been voted the top Linux Casino several years in a row. Recently a 2nd Linux casino has been introduced. CasinoRoom is a brand new Linux compatible casino that is definetly worth checking out.

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